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Items Needed for Tax Preparation:

  • All Income Slips (T3,T4’s,T4A,T4AP,T4AOAS,T4RIF,T4RSP,T4E,T5,T5007 & T5008,T5018)
  • Tips, amount received must be declared as income
  • Foreign Income or Foreign Pension income
  • Trading summary for all non-registered accounts, may come with T3’s
  • Sale of investments, properties, bonds etc.
  • Sale of House in 2018 (need sales value,) and the year of purchase
  • Statement of any interest paid on investment loan
  • Rental Income with record of expenses (ie: property tax, water, hydro etc.)
  • Self-employment income along with expenses
  • Any home office expenses for self-employment
  • Employment expenses, receipts & employer signed T2200
  • Spousal support paid or received, divorce or separation agreement
  • RRSP Contribution slips, (often requires 2 slips, one for March to December & one for first 60 days of this year)
  • Students: T2202A for tuition expenses, Student Loan interest statement (Provincial & Federal)
  • Medical receipts  (prescriptions .. please ask pharmacist for a yearly detailed print out.) Eyeglasses, dental, extended health plan & travel medical insurance premiums
  • Childcare receipts
  • Caregiver, caring for a disabled relative with the necessities of life
  • Teacher in BC, receipts for class supply purchases
  • Professional and Union dues
  • Moving expenses, receipts, addresses of new & previous home
  • Child Adoption expenses
  • BC Senior’s Home Renovation Tax Credit (or person with disability Tax Credit) receipts
  • Charitable Donation slips
  • Political donations either Provincial or Federal
  • Last year’s Tax Return, if not a prior client
  • Blank Bank Cheques for new or changes to Direct Deposit of Refund (CRA request)
  • First time home buyers purchase agreement