Having Stellar’s Tax complete my taxes was stress free.  I dropped my information off, signed a couple of forms and had my refund within 2 weeks.  It was directly deposited into my bank, no trip to the bank to deposit a cheque.
DK in Victoria

Janet & Jan were wonderful in the way they helped me straighten out my Mother’s frustrating account after she passed away. They corrected some errors that her Accountant made in filing the Final Return. Janet worked with CRA to get them to accept some of the Capital Losses to which she was entitled. They had to issue Trust returns and worked with CRA on my behalf through them. Then they finally took care of getting us a Clearance letter. All of this was done at a fraction of the cost that the accountant charged for the work she did. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Sincere Thanks. LG from Terrace

Fred & Bev from Ontario said, “It was comforting to have Jan complete our 2013 taxes. We had a sale of a cottage and had no idea how to proceed.  Jan guided us through the process of the capital gain with ease.”


I’m writing to you to thank you for all the years you have taken care of me and my family at Taxation time. I especially wish to thank you for looking after my Mom while she was with us and after her passing, for doing the final returns & clearance letter. The professional & caring way you look after your clients, speaks volumes about yourself & Stellar’s.
We look forward to working with you & Stellar’s in the future.
Sincerely K.W. & Family


I can’t recommend Jan and her services highly enough. Not only is she certified to do U.S. as well as Canadian taxes, her fees are very reasonable. Her understanding of both countries’ tax laws has led not only to her saving me money, but also to money refunded from previous years. And, she makes house calls! (Or coffee shop calls, in this case.)
HB, Duncan, BC